MIS , Tracking, and Service

 Daily Status Tracking of Every Consignments and pro-Active MIS for Consignments ETD and Actual Delivery.

 All Vehicles equipped with GPS.

 Good Quality Vehicles and 95% + On Time Delivery.

 Vayudoot back-end team continously inspects transportation and logistics on-road operations in effective manner.


A Operation system usually ERP or legacy order processing & warehouse/distribution module. A typical scenario would include both inbound (procurement) & outbound (shipping) orders to be evaluated by the operation system. Planning Module offering the user various suggested routing solutions. These solutions are evaluated by the user for reasonableness & are passed along to the transportation provider analysis module to select the best mode & least cost provider.

Once the best provider is selected, the solution typically generates electronic load tendering & track/trace to execute the optimized shipment with the selected carrier & later to support freight audit & payment (settlement process). Links back to ERP systems (after orders turned into optimal shipments), & sometimes secondarily to WMS programs also linked to ERP are also common.

Do You Know ?

who we are ?

VRCPL was founded in 1980 by Mr. J. B. Singhal in pune, all town in Maharashtra with a single truck and a vision that was way ahead of its time. VRCPL gradually expanded its services to Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. From this humble beginning VRCPL has today grown into a nationally renowned logistics and transport company which is also currently the largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles in India with a fleet of 450 Vehicles. Now Mr. Arun Singhal & Ashwani Singhal & Abhay Agarwal joined VRCPL as a Director by Mr.J.B.Singhal who brings in newer strategies to further drive the growth of the Company. 

We are committed to give quality & reliable service for on-time delivery. Within a short span of time we have emerged as the largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles in India's private sector and giving services more than three hundred clients.

Vayudoot Road Carriers Pvt .Ltd. provides transportation for full truck load in PAN – INDIA. VRCPL received more than 150 awards in the last 25 years for our industry leadership, operational efficiency and infrastructure management.Our team of specialists and strategists use their expertise to continuously improve our operational efficiency across verticals through a scientific approach.

Work Culture


  • 40+

    20 Ft containers
  • 280+

    32 FT single Axle
  • 10+

    32 FT Reefer Containers
  • 60+

    32 FT Multi Axle

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